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Returning to the basics of Christianity is essential for the church for several reasons. Firstly, it allows the church to rediscover its foundational beliefs and teachings, grounding its faith in the timeless wisdom and truths found in the Bible. By focusing on the core tenets of Christianity, the church can maintain its authenticity and relevance in a changing world.

Secondly, going back to the basics helps the church avoid the pitfalls of theological drift and doctrinal confusion. Throughout history, various interpretations and practices have emerged within Christianity, often deviating from the essential teachings of Jesus Christ. By returning to the basics, the church can recalibrate its understanding, ensuring that its beliefs align with the teachings of Christ and the first century church.

Furthermore, emphasizing the basics of Christianity promotes unity within the church. Denominational differences divide Christians, leading to fragmen-tation and weakened influence. However, by focusing on shared core beliefs, the church can find common ground and foster a sense of unity among its members. This unity enables the church to be a more powerful force for positive change in society, as it presents a cohesive message of love, forgiveness, and salvation.

Moreover, going back to the basics of Christianity reinforces the centrality of Christ and the gospel message. The person of Jesus Christ, His life, death, and resurrection, lies at the heart of Christian faith. By prioritizing these foundational truths, the church can maintain its mission of sharing the good news of salvation and pointing people to a personal relationship with Christ. This refocus on the basics ensures that the church remains faithful to its primary purpose and avoids becoming distracted by peripheral issues.

In conclusion, going back to the basics of Christianity is essential for the church as it provides a firm foundation, guards against doctrinal deviation, fosters unity, renews focus on Christ, and guides ethical decision-making. By embracing these foundational elements, the church can fulfill its mission and remain a vibrant and transformative force in the world.

This series, THE ESSENTIALS will help you in establishing and sharing your faith.


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