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We know how it can feel walking into a church and having no idea what is happening. Why are the crowds saying strange words like “Hallelujah” or “Hosanna?” What is with the big bathtub? Why do churches eat the cracker and drink the tiniest cup of juice in the world?

Take a look HERE to discover a little bit about what happens at our church!

Our mission is to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and we strongly believe that we cannot do that unless we stand on scriptural truth. Our core beliefs are listed HERE in order to illustrate our doctrine and the basis for our teachings.

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The First Christian Church of Margate is dedicated to the teachings of the Bible. We are undenominational... we seek to be Christians ONLY,

nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Within our congregation are many members who can and do teach The Gospel of Christ as clearly stated within Scripture. 


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Everything we have is a blessing from God.  Giving to the Lord is a blessing for Christians


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First Christian Church is a family... The family of God.

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